Ebey Easy Search – Ebay Trading API based PHP Script




eBay Easy Search is based on eBay Trading API. eBay API gives us to search withing their millions of items through API based on JSON. This API allows us to search products listed in Ebay.com and list out their image, item name, category, price and shipping cost.

This script takes data from eBay Trading API and so it requires eBay API Key to work. It gives you to have eBay product search on your website or web page. You just needs nothing other than API Key, but if you need Affiliate Links from this script you need to set affiliate Smart Link option from eBay.


  • Ebay API based, PHP Script
  • Easy to configure and Edit
  • Single Configeration file to have basic settings and functions
  • Search inside Ebay Product database
  • Get main thumb image to search results
  • Get main result or 1st result at the right of the search page (Or you can use this as a advertisement area)



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